Timber Slabs For Sale

Timber-slabs.com is a small home industry business providing high value timber slab solutions to professional furniture makers, wood hobbyist, master craftsman and renovators. We are offering wholesale and retail sales options to all customers.

We are now in the process of developing this website to pass over 25 years of our timber cutting experience to help our valued customers with informative methods of curing and preserving timber slabs as well as easy to understand carpentry and cutting techniques.

Our aim is to provide self help timber drying solutions that allow our customers to obtain quality timber slabs at a substantially discounted prices given that time is their own and drying time is a saving they can benefit from. From our experience, customers need to be more informed about how to look after their timber slabs so that they may enjoy the quality finish of our unique Australian timbers longer.

The range of timbers slabs available are:

  • Red Gum
  • Red Gum Feature Grain
  • Morton Bay Fig
  • Figured Red Gum
  • Peppermint Gum
  • Red Mahogany
  • Peppermint Burl
  • Swamp Mahogany
  • Blue Gum
  • Iron Bark
  • English Elm
  • Cypress Pine
  • Norfolk Island Pine
  • Blackbutt
  • Spotted Gum
  • Coastal Banksia
  • Silky Oak
  • Cypress Pine

We supply a range of interesting and unique timber slabs and various sizes of sawn Australian timbers.

  • Large range of hardwood and softwood timber slabs available.
  • Dressed timber service on site for slabs to 800 mm wide.
  • Free photo service of individual timber slabs of interest via email.
  • Rough sawn slabs or dressed slabs to order of your required dimensions.
  • Competitive prices’ include quotes to deliver slabs Australia wide.
  • Money back satisfaction guarantee to all customers.
  • Payment options via paypal or direct banking.
  • We take pride in offering high Value quality and satisfaction guaranteed

Contact Brett on mobile: 0427 07 3063 to find out more about our high quality timber slabs, sales and service. Or simply click on Contact and let us know how we may help you today.

The contact form is also available for leaving a testimonial for the timber slabs that you have purchased.

Prompt service and delivery, money back satisfaction guarantees.

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